Roll it on your tongue, give it time & savor each ingredient.

Served with skin-on fries or baked potato. Substitute sweet potato waffle cut fries,add $1.00 Magnificent Molé: Like fine wine, molé sauce is wonderfully complex. Cooked long & precise, it combines ancho peppers, corn tortilla, pine nuts, sesame seeds, tomatoes, onions – and, yes – sugar, cinnamon & cocoa.

Chicken Dijon

Grilled fillet crowned with melted jack, shrooms, tomato & green onions. With dinner salad, green beans, rice & a side of dijon.




Did you know that the Aztecs taught the Spanish several ways to prepare tomatoes including cooked or mixed with peppers. The Spanish soon carried the seeds of this plant to Europe where it gained instant popularity. At first no one would eat the fruit of this plant and grew them strictly as decorations. Fear of the fruit was hard to overcome and as late as 1820, Robert johnson of Salem, New Jersey publicly announced that he would eat a tomato on the steps of the city courthouse. Shocked townsfolk watched in horror as Mr. Johnson ate not one but a small basketful of tomatoes.